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Lucy Alexander knew something terrible had happened the moment she got a call from her son’s school saying that he had not turned up for his lessons.

“I felt in my gut something awful had happened.”

Her son Felix, 17, had been subjected to abuse on social media from the age of about 13, and had clearly been troubled by it. Mrs Alexander said: “He had been getting negative comments from people he knew, and people he didn’t know.

“He was called ‘black rat’ and ‘ugly’, people said he was worthless and everybody hated him. They didn’t understand or think through the consequences of what they said.”

As she went out with her husband looking for Felix, she noticed a policeman who was walking across a field near her home.

“He told me I should prepare for the worst. He had walked through a field and got under a train.”

Mrs Alexander has shared her story in a short film which is being released as part of a campaign against cyber bullying by West Mercia Police this week.

From: westmerciapolicetv
Animation: Experiencing or witnessing online bullying, tell a responsible adult. We put this animation together to show how cruel cyberbullying can be. They are taken from conversations that people have had online. Please share these important messages.