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mobile appsMost of the apps our kids use on their phone are an extension of the child’s “real world” social life.

Our kids talk to people they only talk to in “real life.” We can’t panic or over think every single news article, but we do need to be aware of what our kids are doing in these apps.

We teach our children how to swim so they don’t drown and the same is true with online apps.  We need to talk to our kids and teach them how to exist in this online environment.

The biggest problem is parents don’t know how bad some apps can be.

kids apps parents need to know about
Fun Facts from April Requard:
  • Kids are not 1, but 10 steps ahead of their parents in technology.
  • More people own a cell phone than a toothbrush.
  • 430 million users are on Instagram.
  • 950 million users are on WhatsApp.
  • Snapchat is used 30 million times every single day.
  • 17 hours a week is the average that teens spend online.
  • 70% of Snapchat users are female.
  • Facebook’s population is almost 4 times greater than the USA.
  • 88% of teens have seen someone be mean or cruel to someone online.
  • 20% of teens have received or sent nude or semi-nude photos.
  • 67% of kids say they know how to hide info from their parents.
It’s all about parent empowerment!

It’s our job as parents to help our children navigate through this world that changes so fast as a result of our ever-changing technology ecosystem.