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The most common signs of cyber-bullying in children are:
  • A changed attitude towards technology: the child is either hesitant to go online or spends longer hours at the computer.
  • The child seems upset after using the computer or cell phone.
  • Fear of going to school or to social events (birthdays, school trips, outings).
  • A visible change in personality, behavior or mood.
  • A change in sleep pattern and appetite.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • A sudden change of friends.
  • Withdrawn, sad, anxious, or agitated mood
  • Nervousness when receiving texts, e-mails, or instant messages.
  • The child hides or clears the computer screen or closes his cell phone when you enter.
  • Withdrawal from friends.
  • The child falls behind in schoolwork.

Many children, and especially teenagers, do not like to talk to their parents because the parents mostly talk about school, problems, and often educate or criticize their children. Try to reverse the roles: ask questions and let the child educate you about something that they know better (perhaps new technology). Show curiosity and try to avoid teaching or criticizing. Make positive comments about your child. Children are more likely to enjoy this type of conversation and will be more enthusiastic to interact with you.

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