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Educate yourself and your child about the different forms of cyber bullying. Currently the most common forms are:

  • Masquerading and impersonation - This is one of the most elaborate forms of cyber bullying where the bully creates a false identity and pretends to be someone they are not. The bully may steal usernames and passwords to log in to another person's social networking account and use their profile to spread gossip, rumors, or humiliating information.
  • Flaming - The cyber-bully insults and provokes the victim over instant messages, email, Facebook, or chat rooms.
  • Outing - A form of cyber bullying where one shares the victim’s private information or recorded private call or conversation on a public website or via instant messages. The goal is to ridicule and embarrass the targeted individual.
  • Cyber stalking - This form of cyber bullying is characterized by repeated intimidating messages sent to a victim by the cyber bully. These messages are meant to instill fear in the victim and may threaten to move from online to in-person stalking.
  • Sexting  - This has recently become the most alarming and widespread form of cyber bullying. The victims, usually young girls, are coerced to send their nude or sexually provocative photos or videos to a real or virtual boyfriend, and this information is later shared or posted publicly.
  • Exclusion - The victim is intentionally singled out and excluded from a certain online group.

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