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intellectual property rights protection attorneys in ohioMaintenance of intellectual property rights is meaningless if it cannot be enforced.

By threatening enforcement allows you to use intellectual property rights as a commercial asset. The existence of an effective enforcement program must be a critical component of your IP stance.

The objective of acquiring Intellectual Property protection is to create an environment for your Subject Matter Expert employees are able to reap the fruits of their work

If you believe you have IP and want to develop a plan to protect it, contact us, or call (216) 771-1144.

Copyright Infringment And Gavel Law S 109946006You have expended resources and used your talent to create a body of work.  When a person, or other organization does not compensated your for your work and uses it for their benefit, it is theft. 

With the internet, copyright infringement and the usurpation of intellectual property (IP) happens a the speed of light.  As attorneys, we understand that the value of your work has a significant impact on your livelihood.  For businesses and larger corporations, IP theft can reach millions of lost dollars quickly.

Your work:
  • a research paper, a poem, a book
  • song, lyrics, composition
  • drawing, photograph, painting
  • a movie, video
  • a product
  • software
If you find your work published without your consent, we can help you get it removed.  You may also be eligible for damages.

Intellectual property (IP) concedes owners the right to exclude others from using their protected assets for certain activities without their consent. When IP rights are infringed, rights holders have the ability to take action against infringing conducts and enforce their rights, for example, by stopping unauthorized use, impeding further infringements, and obtaining recovery and compensation for damages resulting from the infringing act.
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your copyright or IP issue.

We act on your behalf to remedy any IP infringements. 

Our actions may be a simple cease and desist letter, or a full press court action.