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One day, historians may refer today as the “Cretinous Encryption Era.”   They will think us dolts because we did not encrypt - everything.

Hard drives, flashdrives, CD and M-Disks will be dug up in landfills or bought from junk dealers and the data on them will still be read in complete detail.

They will have HD video, medical records, credit card, bank and other financial records. Customer loyalty records will tell them everything your bought from the grocery store and they will examine it - drawing any conclusions they want - true or false.

United Airlines knows the value of reputation.

bigstock cyber fraudThey can attest to the adage, "Bad news travels fast." 

For them, the hit on their stock price went from $71.52 to $67.75 per share in 5 days or $16 million!  Now add on any civil suit, you can see that a change in their reputation via facebook, twitter, youtube, and the news media hurt - big time.  If only they would have...

So, what’s a reputation worth? A sullied reputation that can be saved with better customer service or spending a few dollars to make something right with a customer.

When we are looking to learn more about a person, we go to the internet and search.  The first place is usually Google - the top search engine.

According to Google, over one billion names are searched - every day.   Over 75% of job recruiters are required to Google potential employees when they apply for a job.  You may not have Googled yourself, but it is almost a given that someone else has. From the results, they make judgments about you.