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United Airlines knows the value of reputation.

bigstock cyber fraudThey can attest to the adage, "Bad news travels fast." 

For them, the hit on their stock price went from $71.52 to $67.75 per share in 5 days or $16 million!  Now add on any civil suit, you can see that a change in their reputation via facebook, twitter, youtube, and the news media hurt - big time.  If only they would have...

So, what’s a reputation worth? A sullied reputation that can be saved with better customer service or spending a few dollars to make something right with a customer.

On the internet, however, anonymous postings can deter a client from looking at you further.  What can you do if a competitor starts burning your brand with false claims from fictitious customers?

Losing customers and employees will cost money if you do not watch and manage your online reputation.