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One day, historians may refer today as the “Cretinous Encryption Era.”   They will think us dolts because we did not encrypt - everything.

Hard drives, flashdrives, CD and M-Disks will be dug up in landfills or bought from junk dealers and the data on them will still be read in complete detail.

They will have HD video, medical records, credit card, bank and other financial records. Customer loyalty records will tell them everything your bought from the grocery store and they will examine it - drawing any conclusions they want - true or false.

They will have phone records and show where you have been.  From all these records, they can back trace what movies you like, what you like to eat, where you shop, where you go to church, your political affiliations et. al.  With all the data, any story about you can be made to fit the facts.

So what do you do?  You encrypt your online activity from you keyboard or your finger swipes to the net and back.

Encrypted email providers, like Countermail, support hardware (USB) encryption keys and even accept cash payments through snail mail.

You need a small bit of encrypted server space to create untraceable emails.