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WiFi FirewallReputation Management begins with your computer and hand held device security.

Wi-Fi has a nasty habit of circumventing trust boundries between wired subnets Many network operators wage a daily foot war against rogue access points, while engineers struggle to regain control over Wi-Fi access. A Wi-Fi firewall may help tackle these challenges more effectively.  Instead of depending on employees to use Wi-Fi safely, a Wi-Fi firewall can disrupt non-compliant sessions to prevent confidential data disclosure.

If you are considering using a Wi-Fi firewall:
  • Location mapping: Can it facilitate physical removal?
  • Real-time status:  Are details readily available to support investigation?
  • Security event detection: Can the appliance accurately detect the attacks, anomalies, and policy violations important to your business?
  • Intrusion prevention: Can it take action to contain intruders by disconnecting them from your wired or wireless network?
  • Historical reporting: Can you generate reports?
If your website is hacked, it can lead to appropriation by cyber criminals.  Contact us if you need a Website Firewall.

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