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It was exactly one month ago that Tysen Benz attempted suicide after a social media prank gone wrong. One week ago, Tysen passed away. And today, the life of this 11-year-old little boy is being honored by his loved ones, his community, and by people across the nation.

On March 14, Tysen attempted to hang himself after his 13-year-old girlfriend used social media to make him believe that she had died.

Tysen spent 3 weeks in the ICU at a hospital in Ann Arbor before he passed away on April 4.

Police have charged the 13-year-old girl two computer-related crimes.

This tragic incident has driven Tysen's mother, Katrina Goss, to fight adamantly against cyber bullying. And what started as a local story, very quickly spread to national news. In fact, just last night Tysen's mom was a featured interview on Headline News.
Tysen excelled in many different sports, loved taking on outdoor adventures, and was a 6th grade student of Bothwell Middle School in Marquette. And in response to Tysen's passing, Marquette Area Public Schools released a letter stating the school system has professional counseling services available to students to help them cope with the loss of a friend and classmate.

As many across the community and the world express their condolences, one way of supporting the family is by helping out through giving.