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The week of May 7th 2017 saw thousands of ransomware cyber attacks throughout the world.  Malicious software infected Windows computers and encrypted files on vulnerable computers. 

The software keeps these files encrypted and then asks for money from the victims to "unlock" their own files.  This technique has been used for many years, but has made the headlines only recently.

This virus going around now is supposed to be linked to the software leak from Wikileaks last summer when they began publishing information about the National Security Agency (NSA) cyber tools.

In a blog post on the Microsoft site, Brad Smith, the president and chief legal officer of Microsoft said the WannaCrypt software has been spreading globally an blocking customers data. In the post, he said the attack should be a “wake-up call” for the tech industry, consumers and governments.

In terms of the company, Mr. Smith said that Microsoft had the “first responsibility” for addressing vulnerabilities in its software, and that customers must be vigilant to install upgrades.