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From Huffington Post...

Before they do renovations, homeowners Google contractors to make sure they’re worth hiring. Consumers look at online product reviews before making a purchasing decision, and 90 percent say they’re influenced by those reviews. Another 64 percent say their purchasing decisions are influenced by social content. The vast majority of recruiters — 91 percent — check out candidates’ social profiles before they call them for an interview. Why is that significant? Well, a recruiter who stumbles across that offensive Tweet you sent is probably not going to call. Too few Facebook or Twitter followers? You must not be very important or influential. Not posting professional content on LinkedIn? You must not be much of an authority. Those assumptions are already being made by consumers and employers, and they’re only becoming more important. Increasingly, your digital footprint will become inseparable from your identity and your reputation.

The bottom line is, your company’s social reputation will increasingly be so important that you could consider it a capital asset, and you’ll need to treat it as such. The employees entrusted with your digital reputation should be just as competent and experienced as the people who protect your monetary assets.

One of the most powerful features of social media for both you and business is “social proof.” Social proof is the increasing tendency to have your worth as a professional strongly linked to your quantity of social media followers. You can say you or your company is the best, but when thousands or millions of people use social media to say you’re the best, you have social proof!