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Someone has or will type your name into that search box and make a judgment based on what they find.

Your online reputation is the information people find about you online.  If you think hiding behind privacy settings will help, it may put you at further risk.  If you find something negative about you or your company you need visibility to correct it.  If you try hiding behind privacy settings and unidentifiable usernames, your real name can suffer.

Everyone is at risk of negative content online.

75 percent of Google themselves and find half of the results are not positive.

Anyone can write anything online without consequence. An angry client can write a horrible review for your business without recourse.  Even your competition can try to hurt you with negative comments and reviews.  If anything negative goes undefended, only the negative begins rising to the top of your search results for the whole world to see.

So what can you do?

As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Here are some things you can do.

Clean up

Google yourself and see what comes up.  There may be negative or irrelevant content showing up that you can control -- weekend party pictures, old websites, etc. -- start by deleting those immediately.  Also review your entire Facebook and Twitter history.  Then flag potentially damaging or controversial updates.

Register a domain using your name

This is typically where we can help.  We take on building one, two or three website focusing on your positives with variations of your name.  We continually update them with new content.  This will also prevent others from taking your names first and using it against you in the future.  With a website at the top of your search results, when people search your name, they find exactly what you want them to find. You control their first impression.