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Digital millennium copyright act enforcementIf you write articles for websites, or manage an online publication, you probably have had your content stolen.  After it is taken once, the reposting takes on a life of its own.

You may have created a song, video, image, animation, or photographs that gets copied to other sites.  It is possible to have the copied content removed from offending sites.

We use a number of tools to find websites with your content, then take action.  We can also work to stop copyright infringement from happening in the future.  Although there is no fool proof way of stoping it, we can help to minimize damages.

First we search the web for duplicates of your content.  Different methods apply based on the type of content and media being authored.  Once we find your content, we reach out to the publisher (i.e. website owner) and notify them of a possible complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

More often than not, the correspondence that comes from our respected law firm is enough for them to act.  If, however, they fail to respond in and appropriate time frame, we take the next steps.

These can range from:
  • Filing a DMCA complaint
  • File a law suit for damages
  • Encouraging Google to black list the site
After we resolve your copyright infringement case, we will provide a number of methods to reduce the chances for this to re-occur.

We are a dedicated law firm in Cleveland Ohio.  Complete the contact form or call: (216) 771-1144
content removal by court order and reputation managementMost websites and major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have polices that they will voluntarily remove content from webpages and search results if given a valid court order declaring that content is defamatory.  It usually takes a number of correspondences and follow up to ensure the content is removed from the offending website and from the search engine's index (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, et.al.).

From a webmaster forum, "How robust is a court ordered content removal from Google search?"

black site reputation management removing defamationThe black-hat websites like Thedirty.com, Scam.com, Jerk.com, PissedConsumer.com, RipoffReport.com, Cheaterville.com and many others are establishing themselves as places to smear, gripe, and publish derogatory content about individuals and businesses. 

Often times their business model is to defame someone, then charge them to remove the content.

Claiming the First Amendment and “consumer advocacy” and other high moral ground purposes, they are filled with abuse and do little to verify any facts.

Mugshot removal by attorneysFirst - Mugshot removal websites are the biggest scams around.

They promise to remove your picture, then take your money and "never" remove it.

You can be totally innocent and wrongly arrested but they do not care about that. Sometimes these sites collaborate with the site that publishes your online mugshot.  Their goal is to get your money with false promises. Do not fall for it.

Removing you mugshot from an online site or post starts with an attorney.  Our attorneys have teeth.  We let the publishing site owners know they are on notice and have caught our attention.  Sometimes our correspondence is enough to get a positive result and have your mugshot removed from an online post.

We are ready to take other steps if necessary on your behalf.

Google recommends you is that push down negative links from their search results.  This means creating content and that  shows your reputation in a positive light. This is a service we can provide for you - it is a long term solution for negative Google search results.

Mc dowels logo infringementHave you run across a copy of your logo on another website?

There are two ways to find out if your work has been stolen.
  1. Someone lets you know about the theft.
  2. You find it using a search.
    1. Google Image Search
    2. TinEye.com (reverse image search)
    3. Imageraider.com (reverse image search)

How to resolve the infringement