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black site reputation management removing defamationThe black-hat websites like Thedirty.com, Scam.com, Jerk.com, PissedConsumer.com, RipoffReport.com, Cheaterville.com and many others are establishing themselves as places to smear, gripe, and publish derogatory content about individuals and businesses. 

Often times their business model is to defame someone, then charge them to remove the content.

Claiming the First Amendment and “consumer advocacy” and other high moral ground purposes, they are filled with abuse and do little to verify any facts.
The content on these websites will typically appear prominently on the first page of Google.  The whole world is there to see you or your company defamed and pilloried.

If you or your business has the misfortune of being named on one of these sites, it can crush your reputation.

When you make the attempt to take the on the process by yourself, you'll experience roadblocks and push back. Once this content is published, many websites have policies that stop removal by anyone, including the author.  All they are looking for is ad click revenue - they don't care about the consequences of malicious postings.

You also may find there is a fee required to remove content; leaving you frustrated and angry. 

The Good News:  Our nation’s laws and information providers are quickly moving forward to keep up with the times.  Legal recourse and specific actions are becoming available to remove unfair content from the Internet.  Our attorneys push your cause ahead with every case.

If you don’t see a particular website listed below, contact us today to have your content removed from a particular website.

  •     BadboyReport.Kr
  •     ExposingJohns.com
  •     Scam.com
  •     Shesahomewrecker.com
  •     Scamorg.com
  •     Scamboard.com
  •     Complaintsbureau.com
  •     Complaintsboard.com
  •     CheaterReport.com
  • red reputation sign get a quoteWe'll cover you on the
    black hat sites
  •     Cheaterreports.com
  •     Complaints.com
  •     Scamexposure.com
  •     Whoscammedyou.com
  •     Tumblr.com
  •     Youtube.com
  •     DeadbeatDirectory.com

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