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Mugshot removal by attorneysFirst - Mugshot removal websites are the biggest scams around.

They promise to remove your picture, then take your money and "never" remove it.

You can be totally innocent and wrongly arrested but they do not care about that. Sometimes these sites collaborate with the site that publishes your online mugshot.  Their goal is to get your money with false promises. Do not fall for it.

Removing you mugshot from an online site or post starts with an attorney.  Our attorneys have teeth.  We let the publishing site owners know they are on notice and have caught our attention.  Sometimes our correspondence is enough to get a positive result and have your mugshot removed from an online post.

We are ready to take other steps if necessary on your behalf.

Google recommends you is that push down negative links from their search results.  This means creating content and that  shows your reputation in a positive light. This is a service we can provide for you - it is a long term solution for negative Google search results. Here is more information about mugshots being displayed on the web.

Are mugshots private?

Federal mugshots are public domain.  When content is in the public domain, it can be freely copy-able by anyone.  Federal mugshots are also part of the public record which means they are freely accessible to the public.

States have their own regulations and laws about mugshots, but generally follow the Federal guidelines - they are public domain. Contact us to find out the law in your state.

Expunge Your Conviction

red reputation sign get a quoteContact us and we will
help you get your mugshot removed.
Typically the first step is to get any conviction expunged.  If you haven't taken this step - it is what we can do for you. Once this step is completed, we have improved your case with the website owners.

Expungment means that you’ve filed to have your prior criminal conviction sealed. This makes the records unavailable through the state or Federal repositories. It should be noted that expungement of your conviction has other benefits not discussed here.

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