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Plant Biz growth bigstock Plant 1259264This is from an article by Neil Stern - a partner at McMillan Doolittle

The 2018 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ) report is out and it is incredibly reflective of the growing role companies now play in our social discourse. Measuring companies on 20 attributes across 6 key areas, it is clear that companies must lean into their role as social advocates and can no longer be passive spectators. As I have commented before, from issues like environmental responsibility to gun control, it is nearly impossible not to be embroiled in the issues of the day.

Harris measured dimensions such as Social Responsibility, Vision and Leadership, Products and Services, Financial Performance, Emotional Appeal and Workplace Environment. With 100 companies rated (each needed to be nominated by consumers first to be included), the top 10 companies for 2018 were:
  • Amazon.com 83.22
  • Wegmans 82.75
  • Tesla Motors 81.96
  • Chick-fil-A 81.68
  • The Walt Disney Cos. 81.53
  • HEB Grocery 81.14
  • UPS 81.12
  • Publix Supermarket 80.81
  • Patagonia 80.44
  • Aldi 80.43

Individual Reputation

To help corporate executives, and any citizen, Reputation Protection Attorneys has developed packages of services for the individual.  The prices begin at $150 and range up to $865.  The factors affecting the price are the number of search terms covered, simple content removal, criticality, and duration of project.

Personal Reputation Management

These services cover an individuals' crisis requirements has a start and end point.  To keep in front of any unwanted search results and postings, a longer term management approach is needed.  Clients requiring additional work or monthly management, there are ongoing costs.  These services are mostly employed by high profile, celebrity, or VIP individuals; these are the individuals purchasing a monthly package.

Organizational or Business Reputation Management:

Our services can cover a business.  It is delivered similar to an individual's but covers increased positive blogging, addition affiliate site creation and extensive social media posts.

Through comprehensive research and interviews, we jointly determine the optimum message, create the plan then execute on prioritized channels.  Our writers push up the positive content, while pushing down the negative.  Our SERP and SEO experts build websites and promote your business through internal links and external high value links.  We assign an account manager to work with your business on a daily or weekly basis - depending upon the need.  These business reputation management packages start at $225 per month and may exceed $985 per month.

Smartphone with reputation managementWhat shows up when someone Googles your name?

Seeing negative news on the first page of a Google search is like having bad news on the front page in the newspaper.  The difference is the newspapers change daily, but what happens on the net stays on the net.  Nothing changes unless something changes.

Reputation Management is the process of being proactive on the net about you and your identity (or your organization).  It is the collective activities performed to maintain or create a positive perception of an individual or organization over internet channels (e.g. social media, videos, forums, chat, web, etc.).

Reputation Protection Attorneys (RPA) provide services to remediate current reputation problems and keep and improve your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management Process Diagram webThere are a number of techniques and tactics we employ to help your online reputation.

The first step is contacting us to perform triage.  We review current postings.  We check google, bing, yahoo, facebook, twitter, instagram et. al.  Then develop a short term and long term plan.  The short term plan may be executed immediately with a well place phone call or with a next day letter from one of our attorneys.  For the longer term, it may require a series of steps over time to remedy problem issues.

In either case, our attorneys and cyber experts work on your behalf to improve your online standing.  We build a long term solution to fit your needs and budget.
CEO reputation management Because a CEO's branding and reputation are linked to a company's reputation, it is important to ensure your CEO is covered.  Today we know that identity theft is a problem and there are solutions to help. 

Likewise, a CEO's online reputation can be hijacked by a disgruntled employee or a not-so-well-meaning activist group.  Reputation Protection Attorneys have a number of techniques to maintain and improve your CEO's digital reputation.

Negative Search Results

Just like Black-hat SEO tactics, watch out for reputation management services the prey on fear as their marketing technique. 

The goal of reputation management is two-fold:
  1. Fix any current reputation problems
  2. Build and execute an ongoing plan that promotes a good reputation

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

To the right is a short video by Matt Cutts a former senior engineer at Google - he discusses basic search engine and how Google performs searches.

So, what does that mean to Reputation Management?  When someone googles your name or your company, the results are displayed with ads at the top and bottom of the list with organic results in the middle.

Reputation Management Check List

How to select a Reputation Manager

The most important factor wen choosing a Reputation Management Service is to understand your goals.

Are your goals:
  • Fix an online problem
  • Keep your online reputation positive
  • Manage your branding
  • Repair online reviews
  • Stop defamation or slander

Excellent Customer Service for reputation managementLearn From Your Customers & Stay Ahead of Complaints

Always stay in touch with your customers.  One of the best ways to stop complaints is to attend to a problem immediately.  Using a survey is a fast and easy way to avoid complaints. 

One of our clients performs Quality Management System audits.  They use surveys as a part of their continual improvement process.  When they receive positive feedback, it immediately gets posted on their website as a testimonial.  This has helped bring in more sales because of the large number of testimonials they now have published.

The other reasons to follow up with customers after providing goods or services are: