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Smartphone with reputation managementWhat shows up when someone Googles your name?

Seeing negative news on the first page of a Google search is like having bad news on the front page in the newspaper.  The difference is the newspapers change daily, but what happens on the net stays on the net.  Nothing changes unless something changes.

Reputation Management is the process of being proactive on the net about you and your identity (or your organization).  It is the collective activities performed to maintain or create a positive perception of an individual or organization over internet channels (e.g. social media, videos, forums, chat, web, etc.).

Reputation Protection Attorneys (RPA) provide services to remediate current reputation problems and keep and improve your online reputation.

Online Reputation Management Process Diagram webThere are a number of techniques and tactics we employ to help your online reputation.

The first step is contacting us to perform triage.  We review current postings.  We check google, bing, yahoo, facebook, twitter, instagram et. al.  Then develop a short term and long term plan.  The short term plan may be executed immediately with a well place phone call or with a next day letter from one of our attorneys.  For the longer term, it may require a series of steps over time to remedy problem issues.

In either case, our attorneys and cyber experts work on your behalf to improve your online standing.  We build a long term solution to fit your needs and budget.