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After a pair of 16-year-olds from Essex Vermont were taken to family court after allegedly driving a high-school student to try to kill herself.

After investigation of an attempted suicide ended with criminal charges for two 16-year-olds. The teenage girl left with permanent liver damage by trying to overdose on acetaminophen.  Communities across the U.S. are trying to consider how to deal with cyberbulling.

"I think on a general bullying thing it happens more than we realize. To this level, it's actually very rare. We have a school resource officer who works with the school on a regular basis. But for it to get to the point where police are making a juvenile delinquency case is pretty rare," said Colchester Police Chief Doug Allen.

The advice to parents is to connect with your children so you can find out if they are being bullied or if they are hurting others. Notice how they speak about others both online and in person.

Most importantly, model empathy. Use your life experience to help them understand what another student may be going through.

So often our kids jump to quick judgments about one another based on the soundbites that they see on social media.  Let's give grace, show kindness and save lives, let's not drag each other down.

As for what happens to the 16-year-olds, chief Allen says it's likely the case will go into a reparations process in family court. He describes it as a process that tries to bring closure to both the victim and the offenders.